Hosting Services

Are you dealing with the costs, headaches, and risks associated with doing IT hosting on your own? DNACC Information Systems , offers remote business hosting services that provide immediate value, better performance and support, and overall system security. Plus, our IT hosting services can be implemented quickly without any down time for your organization.

DNACC business hosting solutions feature: 

  • Reliable connectivity – Uninterrupted connectivity between your employees and the critical applications necessary for workplace productivity.
  • Dedicated servers – Whether you have one server or many, our dedicated server hosting provides you with a secure, highly available data center.
  • Tech support – We’re here to assist with any software problems, whether desktop or laptop, Mac or PC.
  • Server support – Monitored around the clock, we’ll make certain everything stays healthy and operational.
  • A fixed monthly rate – Simple, all-inclusive billing with no surprises.

For most small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), implementing a business hosting infrastructure is way too costly. Just trying to set up and install the right IT hosting system in the beginning is difficult enough. Adding network components and dealing with necessary security issues on top of that calls for even more staffing and expense.

And the work isn’t done there – with today’s rapidly-changing technology, small businesses must constantly prepare for software upgrades and new hardware. Most SMBs just don’t have the resources and expertise necessary to design and maintain the same kind of business hosting solution that DNACC can offer, and it wouldn’t make sense to try. Instead, you can focus your energies and resources on growing your business, and leave your IT hosting services to us.

DNACC Information Systems offers its customers dependable business hosting solutions and knowledgeable IT support staff for one low fee, freeing you up to focus on building your business without wasting time and resources on your IT infrastructure.

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