Premium Services

The only way to know what your business is doing, or how your techonology is helping to, is to monitor it.

Why pay a full time employee a large salary to work an eight-hour shift to maintain and monitor your infrastructure when DNACC can do this for a fraction of the cost all day, every day? 

DNACC offers Premium Services for clients who want to be proactive in their approach to their business technology needs. Our state of the art monitoring and response service can notify you (or DNACC) before there is a problem, or the moment a problem occurs. 

System outage?  Failed piece of hardware?  We know about it immediately, and can predict many failures by monitoring the warning signs of those systems prior to failure.  We have customizable programs of Premium Services to fit your needs and budget.

Want DNACC to monitor only 8×5?
Want DNACC to monitor only 24×7?
Want DNACC to notify your staff of issues or events?
Want DNACC to monitor and respond around the clock?

We can do all that, and more.  Speak with a DNACC representative today, or request a quote on Premium Services – we would be happy to help you rest easy that your business technology is performing as it should! 

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